Live Like an Adirondack Local

Travelers search far and wide for authentic travel experiences – trips that immerse you in a culture, connect you with the locals, and open your eyes to new lifestyles.

But before you can achieve an authentic experience, it helps to understand the place and people where you're traveling to, right?

Here's the scoop on us Adirondackers: we're a diehard breed – passionate, tough, and fiercely in love with the place we call home (or second home). We like to think we lead pretty cool lives (we do, mind you), and we strive to live simply and cleanly. Each of our lifestyles varies, but these core Adirondack Lifestyle Commandments (of sorts) hold true across the board:

  • We like... no LOVE being outside.
    No matter the time of year, you'll find us hiking, biking, paddling, and generally adventuring across our six-million-acres of pristine nature. During your visit, we hope you'll do the same since it really is the best way to see the Adirondacks – and if you ever need assistance getting started, local outfitters or friendly faces along the trail are always willing to help.
  • We care about the place we live. 
    Given that we like being outside so much, we have a deep respect for the environment that gives us so much beauty and space to romp around in all year. Because of this, most Adirondackers are environmentally conscious. During your visit, we hope you gain a newfound respect for the natural world and adopt an Adirondack attitude toward Mother Nature.
  • We appreciate peace and quiet.
    No matter where you're coming from, you'll find that all the 'noise' will melt away once you enter the Adirondacks. So ditch the headphones during your walk or jog around town and appreciate the sound of the loon, the patter of rain on your roof, or the silence of the woods. Just five minutes of that can be supremely restorative. Seriously.
  • We take care of ourselves.
    From eating well to staying fit, we strive to take care of ourselves. Throughout the year, you'll find us out on a run before heading on the lake for a paddle or Whiteface Mountain for a ski, or just taking a leisurely stroll with our pups in the woods. We hope our active lifestyles inspire you during your visit so you return home refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • We love buying local.
    Keeping things local is top of mind for Adirondack residents – from maintaining a 'locavore' attitude toward eating and drinking locally (local brews and spirits, farmers' market foods and CSA shares, etc.), to buying décor and artwork from our fellow Adirondackers. Who knows? You might find a little piece of the Adirondacks to take home with you after a visit.
  • We're proud of where we come from.
    Like we said, we are fiercely proud bunch. There's a reason why many of us make numerous sacrifices to call the Adirondacks home, and as the unofficial birthplace of the American vacation, we have a storied history of welcoming travelers and sharing our special corner of the world. Once you leave, we guarantee... you'll want to come back.

During your visit, partake in our Adirondack ways of life – and share a little slice of your corner of the world with us in return. Enjoy your visit, get outside and have an adventure, and when in doubt, ask a local (we do know best!).

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