Summer Rentals in Lake Placid

There's no better season to visit the Adirondacks than summer. There are a variety of reasons for that – from lazing or playing on the region's glistening lakes to summer activities like hiking, biking and enjoying a variety of warm-weather events or some of Lake Placid's best-kept secrets. If you're still looking for where to take that summer getaway, ask yourself, why aren't Lake Placid and Adirondacks at the top of your list?

Besides being the ultimate summer destination – some even consider the Adirondacks the birthplace of the American vacation – our vacation homes span all types of rentals to ensure you escape to your ideal summer getaway. And as for why you should rent in Lake Placid? We'll let our pet-friendly properties, waterfront rentals, and other hideouts speak for themselves.

Whether you're visiting to scale some of New York's highest peaks on a hiking trip in the Adirondack 46 High Peaks, or you're taking a full-fledged family vacation, four-legged family members included, and need kid and pet-friendly summer activities for your trip, our rental agents are here to help you plan the perfect Adirondack getaway.

Take a look at all of our summer rentals – who knows? A visit could spark a lifelong love for the Adirondacks, one that might even have you taking a look at our Adirondack real estate offerings.


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