Hike the Adirondack High Peaks

After you've stayed in an Adirondack vacation rental once, chances are it will become a yearly tradition. Oftentimes your group will continue to expand as well. The Adirondacks are a special place full of scenic vistas and panoramic summits. No matter the season you visit, the scenery will leave you awestruck. The towering summits will be beckoning the moment you arrive. We may be biased but some of the best hiking trails on the east coast can be found here.

In the Adirondacks it doesn't matter what season it is; hiking takes place year round here. Every season shapes this region in its own way. That's why it is important to always check the Adirondack hiking conditions before setting out. Bitter cold winter summit temperatures and flash springtime thunderstorms are common. But, it you are well prepared for anything Mother Nature may throw at you, the reward is second to none. Standing on top of that Adirondack peak, spinning around 360 degrees and looking out over the region, you won't be able to contain that ear to ear smile.