Lake Placid IRONMAN Tips

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Looking for the perfect IRONMAN property rental? Here's why we are the answer:

  • Perfect Location - We offer a variety of IRONMAN rentals with various sizes and price points, and are located in prime spots throughout the Lake Placid village, including rentals within walking distance of the swim start and transition area. Proximity to the start line also means less stress on race day for competitors and spectators.
  • Quality + Amenities - Our IRONMAN rentals undergo a thorough pre-inspection, and with amenities like garages for bike storage, hot tubs and saunas for post race day relaxation, and of course, those beautiful Adirondack views! You can't beat having a home away from home all to yourself leading up to the big day (and the celebration after). Plus, there's nothing like a dip in the lake on recovery day – just sayin'.
  • Customer Service - Beyond our quick and efficient reservation process, our IRONMAN renters can take comfort in our 24-hour maintenance emergency hotline, as well as our three full-time rental agents on hand. So whether you need a quick fix or some suggestions for what to do, where to eat and how to get around Lake Placid, our local experts are here for you all week long.

IRONMAN FAQs – The Local Experts' Take

IRONMAN Sunday is one of the busiest days of the year in Lake Placid, so we recommend being as prepared as possible when it comes to your race day game plan. Here are a few commonly asked questions that we, as local experts, think are crucial to know when planning out your day:

  • Where are the best places to watch the Lake Placid IRONMAN race?
    Especially if you have a loved one or friend competing in IRONMAN Lake Placid, knowing where and when to catch them as they compete in one of the toughest IRONMAN courses is essential to give them that extra boost during the race. For the swim, the Mirror Lake public beach and the surrounding area is your best bet (get there early in the AM to grab a great spot close to the shore). Within town, you'll see your racer pass by twice on the bike course and four times during the run portion – plenty of space for those sections, and even a few restaurants along the way.
  • How the heck do I get around Lake Placid on IRONMAN race day?
    Your biggest takeaway here? Seriously consider not driving on race day. Bring a bike with you, if possible! Not only will the roads be rerouted in such a way that it won't even make sense to drive, riding a bike on race day is the easiest way to get to and from where you decide to post up for cheering. Otherwise, we recommend traveling by foot and keeping your movements limited to within town for the day. For exact details on road closures, we recommend checking out the official page for IRONMAN Lake Placid.
  • What are the need-to-know things for spectators on IRONMAN race day?
    First things first, pack lightly, but pack smartly. Adirondack weather is known to be fairly unpredicatable. One second, it will be sunny – the next, pouring rain and windy. Race day conditions vary from year-to-year, so we recommend packing some rain gear and even a change of clothes. For getting around on race day, athletic clothing is a great option: comfortable, easy to move in and lightweight. To elaborate on the best places to watch the race, there are a few great spots to watch the race beyond the village. Hit up River Road on the outskirts of town to catch the run portion, set up shop and grab some grub to refuel with outside of Lisa G's, Liquids & Solids, or the Lake Placid Pub & Brewery along the course, and catch the bikers as they come back into town on Northwood Road or around Mirror Lake Drive. Last, but not least, have fun and CHEER LOUD at the finish line – experiencing the finish is pretty much a necessity at IRONMAN Lake Placid. Trust us on that.