Lake Placid Summit Lacrosse

Merrill Thomas is the go-to vacation rental agency for visitors attending Lake Placid Summit Lacrosse. Here's why...

  • We offer a variety of vacation rentals with various sizes and price points, and are located in prime spots throughout the Lake Placid village, including rentals close to all of the venues.
  • Quality + Amenities - Our rentals undergo a thorough pre-inspection, and with amenities like waterfront access, hot tubs and saunas, and of course, those beautiful Adirondack views.
  • Customer Service - Beyond our quick and efficient reservation process, our renters can take comfort in our 24-hour maintenance emergency hotline, as well as our full-time rental agents on hand. So whether you need a quick fix or some suggestions for what to do in between games, like where to eat and how to get around town, our local experts are here for you all week long.