We Hold the Keys to Private Listings

Our real estate team at Merrill L. Thomas, Inc. knows the value of privacy when it comes to selling exclusive properties in the Adirondack Park. Our agents are fortunate to work with public figures, celebrities, and high net-worth individuals who prefer not to have their information distributed to the general public. Therefore, we offer you a unique service, to exclusively list your home for sale internally allowing our team of agents to showcase your property with a select audience of buyers. You will receive "white glove" treatment in listing your home with in-depth analysis on potential prospects, expert pricing guidance, and the highest quality real estate photography and video work to be shared only in a private buyer portal with your permission.

Why Sell Your Home as a Private Listing:

  • Selecting the correct qualified buyer
  • Family changes like marriage or divorce
  • Personal financial circumstances
  • Personal health issues
  • Valuable belongings not wanting to be showcased 
  • Opposition to neighborhood activity 

Should You List Privately or Publically:

A private pocket listing is not for everyone, and depending on the market conditions, a traditional sale through an MLS listing may be the better option. We are here to help you navigate this path to selling your home and it is best to contact one of our agents to assist in this important decision.

Considerations when deciding how to list your home for sale:

  • Your desired timeline for selling your home or property
  • How much exposure you would like for your property
  • Whether the current market favors buyers or sellers
  • The seasonality of selling real estate in the Adirondacks
  • How quickly homes are selling in your area
  • What price similar homes are selling for in your area