Find Your Perfect Adirondack Home

Do you dream of escaping the city to a quiet home in the mountains while you sit in traffic, languishing in the fact that you spend more time listening to podcasts and Audible books than you do actually engaging with your kids or your partner?

No more. The sheer beauty of the Adirondacks is yours to discover, and your own patch of paradise is waiting. If you can work from anywhere, why not settle down in Lake Placid? For that matter, if you can escape to anywhere, why not here?

Imagine, no more vying for parking or waiting in traffic for ages, simply pull into your garage at your waterfront home, make yourself a cocktail, and head outside on your deck to watch paddlers and swimmers make the most of the water and warm weather in Lake Placid.

Less than a days-drive from the city is a real estate market that offers solace, respite, and adventure. No more gridlock. No more having to think about congestion pricing. Just you, your new escape, and everything you've ever wanted in a new or second home, commercial real estate enterprise, or spacious land to build your future.

Whether you're looking for a country home, a rustic cabin hideaway in the woods, or want to relocate to a smaller town and a quieter pace of life, the Lake Placid and Saranac Lake real estate market offers unique homes, commercial properties for sale, and summer-only retreats perfect for long weekends where the only thing on the agenda is "putter around." Find properties for sale with unique interior finishes and beautifully designed exteriors perfectly situated to enjoy the best views of the surrounding Adirondack landscape.

Considering buying a second home in Lake Placid and interested in learning more about what Adirondack living is like? Check out our extensive list of Lake Placid rental properties available for everything from ski weekends to summer on the lake.