Teamwork = Dream Work!

Portrait of Marie Morgan and Kris Wheeler

Meet the Team That Defines the Dream: Kris Wheeler and Marie Morgan!

To close out Women’s History Month, but open the doors to more of our fabulous female realtors and co-listing agents, we asked two of our long-time realtors and fan favorites, Kris Wheeler and Marie Morgan to weigh in on what it’s like to empower other women in the industry as well as some fun facts about them.

Kris Wheeler

Kris has been associated with Merrill L. Thomas since 1992. She is a native of Bloomington, Illinois, and is a consistent top producer every year. She has two children, Chip, an owner of the Chili Country Club in Scottsville, NY, and Weston, a three-time Ironman and a broadcast engineer with one of the largest sports production companies in the world. She enjoys golf, fishing, traveling, and closing a deal!

Kris’ advice to new female agents who may be juggling family and work is: “Select an agency to work for that understands the importance of your own family situation and allows you the freedom to do what you need to do with your family.”

Marie Morgan

Marie is a long-time native of the Adirondacks and brings 16 years of real estate experience to Merrill L. Thomas. Having been born and raised in the Adirondacks, she can easily assist you in your real estate search. Her ability to assist buyers and sellers with their needs makes for an easy relationship. Also, her knowledge of the market and changing trends keeps her up-to-date on the needs and what it takes to make the sale or listing a success. With the combination of what she has to offer, you will receive a unique and professional approach. Marie loves the challenge of finding the right property for her clients and works very hard to close the deal.


What is something you have noticed change in the industry?

Kris: When I first started selling real estate 25 years ago, it was a very close-knit real estate community. Everyone respected each other. We all worked very well together, no matter what agency we worked for. Unfortunately, this has changed. I’ve noticed that this business (in our area, anyway) has sadly gone from being “one-on-one” to “hand’s-off” and almost impersonal. Marie and I try to keep our clients personally updated, informed, and engaged in everything from advertising to showings.

Marie: When I started, listing sheets in books were printed out daily. Now with the addition of social media and many online opportunities, the face of real estate is face-paced and constantly changing for the good.

What does it mean to you to co-list a property?

Kris: It means we work as a team and have fun along the way.

Marie: It gives the seller or buyer an opportunity to utilize two people to market and show their property. One or the other listing agents are always available to answer questions or show the property—teamwork!

What do you enjoy about co-listing or something you have learned about working with eachother?

Kris: Sometimes Marie starts laughing at the most inappropriate times and can’t stop.

Marie: What a great team we are due to our friendship! All that we know about each other, we are able to balance each other out when working for our clients. It gives us a chance to put our heads together to provide the best service to the seller or buyer.

What is something someone can expect when they work with you?

Kris: Patience, knowledge, and a great sense of humor.

Marie: Honesty, hard work, and a sense of humor!

What advice do you have for second home buyers?

Kris: Buying a second home (or first or third) is a stressful process. Always do your “due-diligence” and use your real estate agent to your best advantage. They always know of the best local resources that you may not be aware of, such as mortgage brokers, structural inspectors, even the best grocery stores and restaurants.

Marie: If they are looking for a special place to have a second home then go for it. You only live once!

What is a funny story you have from your work in the ADKs?

Kris: Once Marie and I had a showing with a potential buyer on a waterfront property. The buyer was going to meet us at the property—they were coming from 5.5 hours away. We knew nothing about this potential buyer other than they needed to buy something quickly because they had sold their other home. The buyer drove up to the property we were showing them, got out of the car, and was dressed head to toe in their favorite political parties campaign attire. And to top that off, the buyer opened the back door of her car and out jumped a golden doodle also dressed up in campaign attire (this was a few months before the 2020 election). Marie and I couldn’t look at each other during the entire showing—we knew we would just start laughing—and they didn’t buy it.

Marie: People are always surprised at the black flies! The story Kris mentioned about the showing with political attire is the best!

What is your favorite place to dine in ADKs?

Marie: Lisa Gs!

Where do you like to vacation?

Marie: Where it is sunny and a bit warmer, but this year I started alpine skiing again after many years. So I may change my vacation plans in the future.

What vacation in the ADKs advice do you have for vacation home seekers?

Marie: Embrace all that is Adirondack from skiing and winter sports to hiking, biking, golfing, and just enjoying the outdoors

How has the pandemic changed how you do your business?

Marie: The beginning was a big game-changer with masks and gloves and wiping down as you left. Also virtual showings. Now things are starting to feel a bit more normal with vaccines being given.

Where can people learn more about you?

Google, social media, and our fantastic website!

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