Explore the Dynamic Schools and Vibrant Community of Lake Placid, NY

When it's time to buy a new house or plot of land there are different considerations that are important to look at throughout the process. We aren't talking about your traditional financial and budget considerations either. We're talking about the factors associated with each specific house, neighborhood, and or your own family and ideals. Location, price, and taxes are obviously at the top, but, within the location criteria you have a few subsets that are the most impactful on your home buying decision. Acreage, distance from the road, and proximity to town are all considered, but one of the most important home buying considerations for families is the quality of the school district. After looking at the photos, the price, and the taxes, it's the school district that is researched next.

Lake Placid, NY schools are committed to providing excellent educational opportunities at every grade level. No matter if it's a public high school or at one of the private academic establishments, each school has helped shape the community around it. Due to the tight-knit Adirondack community, students often intermingle with each other, no matter what school system they are in, and excellence in the arts and athletics is present within each school. From Winter Olympic style sports to annual spring performances, your children will form a special bond with their school that will help shape them for the rest of their lives.