List of 46 High Peaks in the ADK

Nestled amidst the sprawling wilderness of upstate New York lies a collection of breathtaking peaks, each standing as a testament to the awe-inspiring beauty of the region. As we embark on a journey through these rugged landscapes, we invite you to discover the 46 High Peaks of the Adirondacks – a revered list that beckons adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts from around the globe.

Join us as we explore each of the 46 High Peaks below:

  1. Mount Marcy – The highest peak in New York at 5,344 feet, Mount Marcy offers stunning 360-degree views of the High Peaks region from its bare alpine summit after a strenuous 14 mile hike.
  2. Algonquin Peak – Algonquin’s steep trail leads to an exposed rock scramble to expansive views from the second highest peak in New York. 
  3. Mount Haystack – An extremely remote peak with challenging terrain, Mount Haystack rewards successful hikers with sweeping vistas over Lower Ausable Lake.
  4. Mount Skylight – Neighboring Marcy, Skylight has bald rock ridges with panoramic views of the High Peaks and in peak foliage, vibrant yellows and oranges.
  5. Whiteface Mountain – Whiteface boasts the greatest vertical drop in the Adirondacks, has a scenic toll road, and was host to the alpine skiing events of the 1980 Winter Olympics.
  6. Dix Mountain – The high cliffs of Dix’s summit offer picturesque views over Elk Lake and the valley between Dix and neighboring Nippletop.  
  7. Gray Peak – One of the more remote High Peaks, Gray Peak has a 50-foot vertical cliff at its summit with views of the nearby Great Range peaks.
  8. Iroquois Peak – Iroquois has steep and rocky trails leading to its bald, open summit with panoramic vistas of the surrounding High Peaks.
  9. Basin Mountain – Basin rewards climbers with spectacular views from its bare rock summit and unique alpine flora in the adjacent Basin Ponds.
  10. Gothics Mountain – Considered by many the most scenic High Peak, Gothics offers breathtaking views of the Great Range and mountain-ringed Upper Ausable Lake below.
  11. Mount Colden – Traverse Bob Marshall’s former work sites on Colden with views of Avalanche Lake, Lake Colden, and many High Peaks from its bare rock ridge. 
  12. Giant Mountain – Family-friendly Giant has well-graded trails leading to expansive views from its iconic bald summit and scenic Giant Mountain Slide.
  13. Nippletop – A long, rugged hike over four smaller peaks leads to the bare rock summit of Nippletop with views over Elk Lake and the High Peaks.
  14. Santanoni Peak – remoteness and extensive old-growth forest surround Santanoni’s summit, which offers panoramic High Peaks vistas over four ponds.
  15. Mount Redfield – Redfield rewards hikers with some of the best views of the High Peaks from its cliffs overlooking scenic Lake Colden.
  16. Wright Peak – After a steep climb, Wright’s summit has expansive views of the High Peaks wilderness with Algonquin as its next-door neighbor.  
  17. Saddleback Mountain – The perilous rock chimneys up Saddleback require climbing skills but deliver unparalleled vistas over the Keene Valley.
  18. Panther Peak – Panther is considered a backdoor ascent of Giant Mountain, passing by scenic views of Giant’s slide before joining Giant’s bare summit ridge.
  19. Tabletop Mountain – True to its name, Tabletop has an expansive flat summit plateau with sheer cliffs offering views of the Great Range, Johns Brook Valley and Schofield Cobble.
  20. Phelps Mountain – Quickly gain elevation on the steep trail up Phelps to reach its open summit slabs with excellent views of the Great Range.
  21. Mount Marshall – Scenic views of the High Peaks abound atop the relatively remote summit of Marshall after a long trek from Upper Works.
  22. Mount Donaldson – Easily accessible from Route 73, family-friendly Donaldson offers panoramic views over the Saranac Lakes region from its open summit. 
  23. Seymour Mountain – Seymour delivers an excellent bang-for-buck hike close to Route 86 with bald summit views over Panther Gorge and Seward Mountain.
  24. Seward Mountain – Seward has a short but very steep trail leading to cliffs with sheer drops and rocky views over Johns Brook Valley.
  25. Mount Emmons – Remote Emmons requires one of the most strenuous hikes to expansive summit views of other lesser-traveled High Peaks like Cliff and Redfield.
  26. Dial Mountain – Its bald rock summit has nearly 360-degree views, making Dial a relatively easy way to get great High Peaks vistas near Lake Placid.
  27. Couchsachraga Peak – A remote wilderness peak, Couchsachraga has bare rock outcroppings just below treeline with views of Santanoni and Panther Peaks.
  28. Blake Peak – Neighboring Colvin, Blake’s open summit ledges offer excellent views of High Peaks like Gothics and Mount Marcy.
  29. Cliff Mountain – An extremely remote trail-less peak, Cliff has incredible views from its cliffs over the valley between Redfield and Colden.
  30. Nye Mountain – With steep trails, Nye rewards hikers with great views of the High Peaks from its bare summit above the remote Preston Ponds.  
  31. Street Mountain – A relatively short hike near Indian Lake leads to Street’s wooded summit with expansive views of the surrounding remote wilderness. 
  32. Sawteeth Peak – Dramatic, sheer cliffs drop precipitously from the summit of aptly named Sawteeth, the shortest of the High Peaks.
  33. Cascade Mountain – Cascade is one of the most accessible and scenic High Peaks, with views of the famous Cascade waterfalls before reaching the open summit.
  34. South Dix – The steep hike up South Dix passes stunning slides and culminates in panoramic High Peaks views from ledges atop this lesser-climbed peak.
  35. Porter Mountain – Often climbed with Cascade, Porter’s rocky summit offers great views over the Cascade Range and the Saranac Lakes below. 
  36. Rocky Peak Ridge – True to its name, Rocky Peak Ridge involves lots of exposed rock scrambles to reach open ledges with sweeping High Peaks views.
  37. Esther Mountain – Neighboring Whiteface, Esther requires some rock climbing to attain views from its cliffs toward Whiteface and Lake Placid.
  38. Mount Colvin – Colvin’s hike crosses a widecrosses wide open ledge with nonstop views all the way to its wooded summit and nearby Lake Avalanche.
  39. Hough Peak – Hough is a remote wilderness peak with views of the Seward Range from rock ledges reached by a trail-less bushwhack.
  40. Mount Armstrong – Armstrong has extensive bare rock ridges leading to panoramic summit views over the Upper Ausable Lakes in the Great Range.
  41. Upper Wolf Jaw – The steep rock scrambles of Upper Wolf Jaw are rewarded by sheer cliffs and views over Johns Brook Valley toward Gothics.
  42. Lower Wolf Jaw – Though overshadowed by its upper neighbor, Lower Wolf Jaw also has cliffs with great views into Johns Brook Valley and toward Noonmark.
  43. Mount Jo – Short but very steep, Mount Jo can be quickly climbed from Heart Lake for great views of Algonquin and Mount Marcy over Avalanche Pass.

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