Finding Your Perfect Patch of Paradise: Top Roads in Lake Placid

Nestled in the heart of the Adirondacks, Lake Placid offers a unique living experience unlike any other. From breathtaking mountain vistas to serene riverfront settings, the town caters to a diverse range of preferences. But with so many charming roads to choose from, where do you even begin?

Here’s a glimpse into some of my favorite roads in Lake Placid, each offering a distinct flavor of Adirondack life:

1. Adirondack Loj Road: A Hiker’s Haven

This road holds a special place in my heart, not just for its postcard-worthy views (i.e. the “plains of Abraham,” as historian Mary McKenzie aptly described it), but also for its rich history. Stretching nearly 10 miles through untamed wilderness, it leads to Heart Lake and the Adirondack Mountain Club, the gateway to many of the coveted 46 High Peaks trails. While property prices here reflect the exclusivity – and multi-million dollar home prices – the sheer natural beauty is undeniable.

2. River Road: Tranquility by the Ausable

Craving a blend of relaxation and adventure? Look no further than River Road. Located alongside the meandering Ausable River, this idyllic stretch offers something for everyone. Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the riverbank, or embark on a more vigorous wilderness adventure. The proximity to town ensures convenience, while the stunning riverfront properties (some even boasting private oxbows!) guarantee a touch of luxury. Spanning 4 miles, River Road is also a popular training ground for athletes thanks to its scenic beauty and fantastic views of the ski jumps and surrounding farms.

3. Bear Cub Road: A Nature Lover’s Sanctuary

For those seeking a true escape into the rugged embrace of the Adirondacks, Bear Cub Road beckons. Imagine towering pines swaying gently in the breeze, a symphony of nature that creates a haven of serenity. Properties here range from cozy cabins to sprawling estates, catering to a variety of lifestyles. But one thing unites all residents – a deep appreciation for the unparalleled beauty and peacefulness of the Adirondack environment. Don’t forget to explore the dog-friendly public trails like Henry’s Woods and Heaven Hill, perfect for mountain biking, hiking, and cross-country skiing adventures.

4. Whiteface Inn Road: Where Opulence Meets Nature

If luxury and leisure are your priorities, Whiteface Inn Road won’t disappoint. This scenic stretch is home to iconic landmarks like the Whiteface Lodge, the exclusive Whiteface Club and Resort with its championship golf course and fine dining options, and the luxurious waterfront Lake Placid Lodge. Yet, amidst the extravagance, a sense of tranquility persists, a constant reminder of the timeless allure of the Adirondacks.

5. Averyville Road: Adventure Awaits

Thrilling outdoor adventures await on Averyville Road. This route serves as the starting or finishing point for both the Northville-Placid Trail and the Pine Pond Trail, making it a haven for trekkers and explorers. But beyond its recreational offerings, Averyville Road fosters a strong sense of community, where residents embrace the quintessential Adirondack lifestyle.

As you can see, each road in Lake Placid unveils a unique chapter in the town’s story. Whether you seek heart-pounding hikes, serene riverfront living, or a touch of luxury amidst nature, there’s a perfect spot waiting to be discovered. So lace up your hiking shoes, take a deep breath of fresh mountain air, and embark on your journey to find your forever home in this enchanting mountain town.

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