Meet the Team: Jon Gorgas

Jon Gorgas and his family hold up a large fish that they caught while ice fishing on a lake

Jon was born in northern New Jersey, and his great-grandfather began the family tradition of vacationing in the Adirondacks in the 1920s. Relocating to Saranac Lake at age 11 felt to Jon as if he were moving home. Jon is married to his lovely wife, Cynthia and together they have one daughter and two sons who they raise in the Adirondack Park. Jon is an active member of the Adirondack community as an officer in the Bloomingdale Volunteer Fire Department and a member of Adirondack Architectural Heritage Society, and Upper Saranac Lake Association.

Jon’s expertise is waterfront real estate in Saranac Lake and the St. Regis Chain of Lakes.

Upper and Lower Saranac Lakes offer some of the most exclusive lakefront real estate found not just in the Adirondacks, but anywhere in the world. These lakes are places where your family and friends will gather for reunions, special celebrations, and summer retreats. Here, your kids will learn how to walk, swim, steer a boat, and discover the pure delight of roasting marshmallows over a campfire under a canopy of impossibly bright stars. Coveted lakefront homes for sale on Saranac and St. Regis Lakes are few and far between, and feel like a world all their own.

Words to live by with relation to Real Estate from Jon himself: “Buying or selling real estate should be enjoyable! Being properly prepared is essential to a smooth transaction.”

How did you end up choosing the ADKs as a place to live for yourself and your family?

It chose me. I’ve never considered living anywhere else!

Tell us what you love about living in the adirondacks.

  • Lakes: A day without being on or in the water is a day wasted.
  • History: The Adirondacks have so many stories to tell, from a hermit who lived on Ampersand Mountain to the prominent businessmen and politicians who built the Great Camps.
  • Trees: As a trained forester, that has to be on the list.

How do you spend your free time?

Ice fishing, camping, anything that involves a boat.

What are some of your favorite places to eat and go for entertainment in ADKs?

  • CAVU Cafe at the Lake Clear Airport.
  • Donnelly’s Ice Cream in Saranac Lake.
  • Longview Lodge in Long Lake.
  • Raquette River Brewing in Tupper Lake.

Where do you like to travel/explore (pre-COVID)?

Montreal bagels are among the things I miss most due to COVID. I always love visiting the Maine coast.

What are some key elements to home buying/selling you like your clients to know about?

There are many moving parts to a transaction. Usually, everyone on both sides is doing their best to get things done promptly. Be patient…assume the best about the other party.

What about people looking to purchase a second home?

I love to observe people letting their imagination go and picturing themselves owning their escape in the Adirondacks.

What is something you want potential new clients to know about you?

I will respond to communication until midnight. I will do anything in my power to make a deal and see it through.

Any tips for buyers on virtual tours or touring during a pandemic?

Look for 3D models. Quality listings will have them or video walkthroughs.

Any other COVID-friendly home buying tips?

Get prequalified! With high demand and low inventory, the desirable homes are selling within days of listing.

Pancakes or waffles?

Pancakes with maple syrup made from trees on my property.

What room in a new home is your favorite to showcase?

For obvious reasons, a boathouse is likely to be a highlight of any waterfront home. My first listing on Upper Saranac featured a large modern boathouse with a stone fireplace and exotic hardwood floors. That boathouse sold the property!


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