5 Steps To Story "Sell" Your Home

You may be someone who is ready to walk upon a new path, and as they say, all paths lead to home and all homes have stories to tell. Whether you are selling your home or buying a new one, the story you tell is often what leaves the lasting impression on a home buyer and creates a tale worth selling. Now let's make a batch of cookies and warm up some milk, stoke up the fire, and start crafting a story worth selling.

Once upon a time, real estate listings were just about the boring facts, documenting the number of bedrooms, square footage and tax assessment were about all you got. Today, at Merrill Thomas we are sharpening our pencils and our storytelling skills and using our creative talents to help you sell your house.

We can all agree it's the stories that help illustrate our lives, especially when it comes to where we live. Pretty pictures and the right price might lure a buyer to a listing, but a well-written narrative can be the hook that reels in a big fish sale.