Meet the Team: Jen Ledger

Jen Ledger and her husband are former ski racers, as well as an influential part of the building and development industry in the Lake Placid region. Their 3 boys have continued the tradition of ski racing: Alpine, Nordic Combined, and Biathlon. Extensive travel while on the U.S. Telemark Ski Team introduced Jennifer to many wonderful ski towns throughout Europe, Scandinavia, Canada, and, of course, the U.S.

Jennifer has been involved in community development as a member of the Lake Placid Outing Club committee and is currently a volunteer with Songs at Mirror Lake, a free, live music series hosted on the shores of Mirror Lake in the summer. When it comes to Adirondack real estate, Jen is your go-to gal! Words to live by in relation to Real Estate from Jen herself:

“A first time home buyer needs to be as knowledgeable as possible about the area and when a property comes on the market that the buyer likes, jump on it! Homes are selling quickly so it’s a good idea to be very familiar with the area.”

How did you end up choosing the adks as a place to live for yourself and your family?

My husband is a builder/developer and the timing just happened to be right for him to make his way in this community after we stepped away from ski racing. Patrick is a very successful high-end builder in the Lake Placid area (check out their custom River Bend Townhomes) and, of course, Lake Placid is a great, safe, and healthy place to bring up our three boys.

Tell me what you love about living in the Adirondacks?

I love the change of seasons in the Adirondacks. I’m an active person, so it’s great to be able to ski, swim, play tennis, hike, mountain bike, and just be outside as much as possible. Our three boys are very active, as well, and have been greatly inspired by the Olympic scene. To see a local Olympian, whom we’ve known forever, at the grocery store or sitting at the table next to us at a restaurant is awe-inspiring and it also brings the Olympic success story to real life. These are local guys and gals who started in the same programs as our boys and it makes competing on the International level seem much more attainable.

How do you spend your free time?

I spend my free time getting outside as much as possible. I also volunteer with Songs at Mirror Lake, a free summer concert series on Tuesday nights in Mid’s Park. I love the music scene – helping to bring amazing live music to our community and our visitors is very personally satisfying. Plus it’s a great way to generate some cultural activities in a very sports-oriented community.

What about people looking to purchase a second home?

People looking for a second home need to have a good idea about how they plan to use their home, whether it’s for personal use or vacation rentals, or a little of both. The town and village rental regulations are in effect and homeowners need to know how these regulations may affect them. Also, it’s beneficial to look into condos or townhomes as second homes from the aspect of property maintenance. Property maintenance will be built into a condo or townhome development but a caretaker may be a good idea for a single-family home.

What are some of your favorite places to eat and go for entertainment in the Adirondacks?

While I miss going out to restaurants at this time, my favorites are Lisa G’s for great food, awesome portions, and the local vibe. We also love hitting the bar at the Interlaken Inn. It’s a cozy place with great staff and amazing food. We always see people we know there and we love the proprietors.

Where do you like to travel/explore (pre-COVID)?

We usually travel for ski trips. We have a son in Montana where the skiing is amazing, so we’ve been going there for a few years. We’ve spent a lot of time in BC, Canada on cat skiing trips. The Powder Highway is the best! For a quick, easy ski trip, we usually hit Utah. We went to Switzerland and France last winter. One of our kids was competing in the Youth Winter Olympics for biathlon and I’d go back there in a hot minute!

What are some key elements to home buying/selling you like your clients to know about?

A key element to keep in mind if you’re buying a property: If you like the property but you’re not sure about the price, just make an offer that you think is fair and reasonable. You never know what the seller will say. Make an offer just to get the ball rolling.

What is something you want potential new clients to know about you?

Because I grew up in Lake Placid, I know the area and community very well. I’ve traveled quite a bit to other ski towns across the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Scandinavia while ski racing. Lake Placid remains a town with many great aspects optimizing the outdoors and small-town life.

Any tips for buyers on virtual tours or touring during a pandemic?

Virtual tours have become a valuable tool in real estate but don’t forget about the outdoor space. What does the neighborhood look like? How close is the house next door? What does the siding look like and is the roof in good shape? If you see a home you might like, ask me to go check it out for you and we can do a quick Zoom call while I’m at the property.

Check out Jen Ledger’s agent profile to view her buyer and seller testimonials, current and recently sold listings, or you can get in touch with her at:

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