Agent Approved Tips to Shop for Your Home Virtually

The real estate market in the Adirondacks is at an all-time high—the hidden gem of New York is being discovered and it truly does not seem like we are in the midst of a pandemic. Many city dwellers are moving to "the sticks" and that is all becoming possible because of one word: FaceTime! That's right, the art of the virtual tour is becoming more and more prevalent. Conjunctively people across the country continue to hunker down at home, obeying stay-at-home orders which are especially strict in New York state, and many aspects of daily life have gone virtual. From Zoom meetings with colleagues to playdates and remote learning for children, we're finding ways to connect while being physically apart.

The pandemic has affected every industry, and the real estate business has been no exception. When house hunting, prospective buyers naturally want to inspect every square inch of a home. At a time when open houses are all but off the table—and even one-on-one tours with an agent seem risky—what's a homebuyer to do?

Just like everything else these days, home tours are going virtual and we have FaceTime and smartphones to thank! According to our owner, Nick Politi, "More people than ever are buying homes sight-unseen, and at top dollar pricing." Many of our agents are seeing buyers from all over the state and country, who, due to shelter-in-place orders, weren't able to make the cross-country trip to see it in person, rely only on what they could see in photos and a virtual tour before deciding to sign on the dotted line. Here are some of the benefits and tips from our agents.