Meet the Team: How We Summer in the ‘dacks!

A log cabin-style lean-to sits behind a stone fire pit waiting for visitors to cozy up next to it

There really is no place like home, especially when you live in the Adirondacks! Whether you are one of our lucky summertime visitors, perhaps lucky enough to have a summer home or even luckier to live here full time, we have a full list of places our team says you must see, do and taste this summer! From secret swimming holes, to our favorite spot to grab soft serve, we have listed our top picks. 

Questions we asked our team:

How long have you lived in the Adirondacks?

What is your favorite swimming hole?

  • Mike Martineau: Lake Placid lake.
  • Nick Politi: Echo Bay on Lake Placid.
  • Zowie Lucas: Mirror Lake.
  • Jen Ledger: Off of a SUP rented from Mirror Lake Boat Rentals! Or in front of Pulpit Rock on Lake Placid.
  • Jillian Locke: Aside from Lake Placid; Rocky Falls. Rocky Falls is accessed via ADK Loj Road. Family friendly hike. Pack a lunch and enjoy the day!
  • Jack Favro: Cascade Lakes.
  • Mike Damp: There are so many, it’s hard to choose. Hulls Falls, The Gulch, Flume, Lake Placid off Pulpit with a full moon.
  • Marie Morgan: A pool. I’m not a lake swimmer.
  • Hannah Torrance: Bog River Falls.
  • Anne Brewer: love to kayak to different swimming spots all summer long.

What is your favorite fishing hole?

  • Mike Martineau: That’s a secret.
  • Nick Politi: The Saranac Lake Chain.
  • Zowie Lucas: Oseetah Lake.
  • Jen Ledger: Ick! I’ll pass on the fishing.
  • Jack Favro: Fly Fishing the Ausable River.
  • Mike Damp: A real fisherman would never answer this question….anywhere I’m not.
  • Hannah Torrance: The Ausable? I don’t fish…
  • Anne Brewer: I like fishing for bass on Stillwater Reservoir.

Place to boat?

  • Mike Martineau: Lake Placid lake.
  • Nick Politi: The Saranac Lake Chain.
  • Zowie Lucas: The Saranac Lake Chain.
  • Jen Ledger: Lake Placid.
  • Jillian Locke: Lake Placid.
  • Jack Favro: For guide boats or canoes; Long lake, and all of the Saranacs.
  • Mike Damp: The Saranac Chain of lakes is without a doubt the best for real boaters and fishing.
  • Marie Morgan: Lower Saranac Lake.
  • Hannah Torrance: Simon Pond.
  • Anne Brewer: I love the Saranacs.

Any ADK tips for a successful camping trip?

  • Mike Martineau: Be prepared! Always pack an extra layer or two, extra socks, and water. You never know what the weather will bring in the mountains.
  • Nick Politi: Stay at least 5 days! it goes by so fast.
  • Zowie Lucas: Bug Repellent (haha!).
  • Jen Ledger: Have friends who will come visit you and bring extra firewood and ice.
  • Jillian Locke: Bring a generator and an air mattress. Half kidding.
  • Jack Favro: S’mores, Beer, Flies Be Gone.
  • Mike Damp: Book an island on Saranac Island Campgrounds. Dogs and kids can run wild and sometimes adults…. Rent a boat at Saranac Lake Marina, they set you up with everything you need for an adventure.
  • Hannah Torrance: You can never have too much ice.
  • Anne Brewer: There is no reason to not eat well; pack good food and good beer.

Any tips for people new to the area?

  • Mike Martineau: Drive around and familiarize yourself with surrounding towns and all they have to offer. Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to your real estate agents and continue to ask questions about the area. We are always willing to help make your transition to our area as smooth and enjoyable as possible.
  • Nick Politi: Plan your vacation during a weekday to experience the most of the area.
  • Zowie Lucas: Any questions for things to do, places to see, restaurants, ask your realtor.
  • Jen Ledger: Don’t forget about the free music series at Mid’s Park in Lake Placid – The Songs at Mirror Lake summer concert series.
  • Jillian Locke: Explore your favorite spots at different times throughout the week. You can have a completely different experience on a Tuesday vs. Saturday.
  • Jack Favro: Get outside and enjoy.
  • Mike Damp: Embrace the lakes and the mountains at your doorstep; hike, boat, paddle, ski. Join Van Hovenburg.\Marie Morgan, Explore and enjoy.
  • Hannah Torrance: Try to visit in the off-season and if you do visit in the summer explore other areas outside of Lake Placid.
  • Anne Brewer: Find your own path, explore what you like to do and create your own amazing experience.

Favorite patio/outdoor dining?

  • Mike Martineau: The Cottage.
  • Nick Politi: Lisa G’s in Lake Placid.
  • Zowie Lucas: Lisa G’s Lake Placid.
  • Jen Ledger: Lisa G’s along the Chubb River.
  • Jillian Locke: Maggie’s Pub.
  • Jack Favro: Mcdougalls Pub or Lisa G’s.
  • Mike Damp: Smoke Signals back deck.
  • Marie Morgan: Downstairs Players.
  • Hannah Torrance: Top of the Park.
  • Anne Brewer: A remote campsite for sure.

Best burger in the ADKs?

  • Mike Martineau: Ice Jam Inn in Jay! The Boss Hog burger is probably the best burger I’ve ever had!
  • Nick Politi: A & W in Wilmington.
  • Zowie Lucas: Downhill Grill in Saranac Lake.
  • Jen Ledger: The Dack Shack – don’t forget the pickle.
  • Jillian Locke: Maggie’s Pub.
  • Jack Favro: Ray Brook Brew House.
  • Mike Damp: The ones I have been making lately are really tasty.
  • Marie Morgan: Players
  • Hannah Torrance: Ice Jam Inn.

Best place to camp?

  • Mike Martineau: Floodwood Road for car/tent camping or any of the islands on Saranac Lake.
  • Nick Politi: Douglass at Silver Lake.
  • Zowie Lucas: The Saranac Lake Chain.
  • Jen Ledger: Any island on Middle Saranac Lake.
  • Jillian Locke: Saranac Islands. It’s amazing how a 5 minute boat ride can afford you the chance to be off-the-grid.
  • Jack Favro: KOA in Wilmington, or the Saranac Lakes.
  • Mike Damp: Weller Pond, deep in the outback by boat.
  • Marie Morgan: Lower Saranac Lake, Site 28.
  • Hannah Torrance: Saranac Islands.
  • Anne Brewer: The lean to at my camp, Essex Chain of Lakes.

Best ice cream?

  • Mike Martineau: Donnellys of course!
  • Nick Politi: Has to be Donnellys.
  • Zowie Lucas: Pinecone in Raybrook.
  • Jen Ledger: During the summer months go to Donnellys if you have the time to drive out there. If not, Mountain Mist in Saranac Lake.
  • Jillian Locke: Mountain Mist! It tastes even better if you just got off the boat!
  • Jack Favro: Emmas ( in Lake Placid) and Donnellys ( worth the drive).
  • Mike Damp: Donnellys.
  • Marie Morgan: Donnelly
  • Hannah Torrance: Donnellys, pistachio.
  • Anne Brewer: Skyline in Tupper.

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